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  • Headset VR, Focalmax Foldable 3D VR Glasses with Comfortable Leather Texture, Virtual Reality Headset in Coffee Color
Headset VR, Focalmax Foldable 3D VR Glasses with Comfortable Leather Texture, Virtual Reality Headset in Coffee Color

Headset vr, focalmax foldable 3d vr glasses with comfortable leather texture, virtual reality headset in coffee color



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Light VR, Clear Vision Collapsible Structure Like An Accordion Skin-friendly Nanomaterials Scale For Myopic Adjustment Biodegradable Environmentally Friendly Adaptive Pupillary Distance FOV 110°-120° Square Aspherical Lens Design Foldable Style That’s Interesting And Doesn’t Lack In Style, A True Stylish Light VR Break away from the bounds of cables and explore the virtual world anytime, anywhere. Using high - quality silicone Accordion structure, Super light, portable, collapsible, 170 g, the first true feather weight VR allows your cell phone to turn into your very own giant screen cinema, giving you the ability to travel in time and space. Light+Portable+Comfortable, VR Suitable For Long Time Wearing Weighs only 180g, which is much lighter than helmet type products. This Headset VR box uses skin-friendly nanomaterials with a soft texture that prevents any discomfort. It is also tested for comfortable use for up to 4-6 hours. The structure of the Accordion allows the user to experience the quality of a helmet type product while at the same time having a compact product for portability. FOV 110°~120°, Full Immersive VRFOV 120° for 4.5''-6" smartphones,when images appear in front of the eyes, the boundaries can be forgotten due to the wide viewing angle. Fully immerse into and explore the world of dreams. Nanomaterials That Cherishes Your Skin, A Caring Light VR A light luxurious VR experience is created using skin-friendly materials made from advanced nanomolecules that are gentle with your tender face. By getting rid of the unnecessary bulk and excess, this virtual reality headset give you a light and comfortable VR experience that you can take with you anywhere.
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