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  • abcGoodefg Original DVD Drive Replacement Repair Part for Nintendo Wii
abcGoodefg Original DVD Drive Replacement Repair Part for Nintendo Wii

Abcgoodefg original dvd drive replacement repair part for nintendo wii



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Color:abcGoodefg #2 DVD Drive for Nintendo Wii Console If you are having any of the following issues with Nintendo Wii, when you playing your favorite game. * Discs Reading Error * Won't Load All or Certain Games * Disk Read Errors on All or Certain Games * Loud Clicking or Buzzing Sounds * Loading/ Ejecting Issues * Drive does not Accept Disc * Failed Mod Attempt This Nintendo Wii replacement logic board + D2C lens could end above errors, and makes your Nintendo Wii work perfectly like new again. This drive is fully tested, easy to install, only 2 wires to connect. Features: * Best replacement DVD drive repair parts for Nintendo Wii. * 100% in good condition, fully tested before shipment. * Offers easy solution to fix the logic board, or laser lens malfunction. * Easy to install, only 2 wires to connect. Notice: * This purchase does not come with instruction. Before purchasing, customer is advised to search for instruction in Internet to see whether can manage to do it yourself. We do not hold any responsibility of damaging of this item and your own item due to wrong installation
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