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  • QuadStore - Super Mega 2560 Kit for Arduino (Beginner's 2560 Arduino Kit) Source Code and Guide included in DVD
QuadStore - Super Mega 2560 Kit for Arduino (Beginner's 2560 Arduino Kit) Source Code and Guide included in DVD

Quadstore - super mega 2560 kit for arduino (beginner's 2560 arduino kit) source code and guide included in dvd



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Quad Store™ - Super Mega 2560 kit:Note: 'Check for brand name Quad Store, Logo, and QR- Scan code in the retail box label to confirm your buying authentic Quad Store products'1.1 x Quaduino Mega 2560 Board (High quality Arduino compatible board)2.1 x USB cable3.1 x Prototype extension board4.1 x Mini breadboard5.1 x 5V stepper motor6.1 x 2003 stepper motor driver board7.10 x Red LED8.10 x Green LED9.10 x Yellow LED10.2 x Vibration Sensor11.1 x Flame sensor12.1 x LM35 temperature sensor13.1 x Infrared receiver14.3 x Photoresistor15.4 x Key cap16.4 x Key switch17.1 x Adjustable potentiometer18.1 x Passive buzzer19.1 x Active buzzer20.1 x Jumper cap21.1 x Large breadboard22.1 x Remote Control23.1 x 1602 Screen24.1 x 9G servos25.1 x Component box26.1 x 20P DuPont line 27.30 x Breadboard line (approximately)28.1 x 8 * 8 dot matrix29.1 x One digit eight segment tube30.1 x Four digit eight segment tube31.1 x IC 74HC59532.10 x 1K Resistor33.10 x 10K Resistor34.10 x 220R Resistor35.10 x 330R Resistor36.1 x Battery Holder37.1 x 2.54mm 40pin pin header38.1 x Plastic box Note: 'All kits are being directly sold by Quad Store using Amzaon.

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