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  • Qianson DC 12V 1A Automatic PC CPU Fan Temperature Control Speed Controller Case Fan Governor
Qianson DC 12V 1A Automatic PC CPU Fan Temperature Control Speed Controller Case Fan Governor

Qianson dc 12v 1a automatic pc cpu fan temperature control speed controller case fan governor



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This DC12V governor (JCF1201 type) can be controlled according to the ambient temperature of the fan speed, no manual control, automatic stepless speed, the higher the ambient temperature, the faster the fan speed control, the ambient temperature is below the set the start temperature, the governor can control the fan stops running, in order to save power and eliminate unwanted noise generated by the fan. Variety of 2, 3, 4-wire 12V fans are applicable. This governor's main features: 1. With anti-reverse power protection, power line reversed, the board will not burn. 2. New dual-mode function: fixed temperature mode and adjustable temperature mode. 3. Fit for 2,3,4 line 12V fan, stepless temperature control can be achieved. 4. Single temperature sensor, easier to use, more responsive control. 5. Fixed mode temperature at 30 degrees, the fan speed control starts from 30 to 50 degrees fan speed linear increase, 50 degrees fan at full speed. 6. Start mode adjustable temperature range: 15 to 50 degrees, the full speed range of 35 to 70 degrees (start-up and full of temperature difference of 20 degrees). 7. The maximum operating temperature of 110 degrees temperature probe beyond this temperature, the probe will be damaged! ! 8. On board there is a mode switch, the switch to the F position, the governor fixed temperature mode, switch to the A position, the governor of temperature adjustable mode. 9. Temperature adjustment potentiometer, when the mode switch is in the A position, rotating the potentiometer, you can change the fan-start temperature. 10. Board size: 45x25x30MM (LXWXH), Sensor probe length: 325mm Package include: 1x Fan Temperaure Control Speed Controller with Sensor Probe

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