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  • wooden DIY Enclosure for PINE A64.64-Bit Single Board Super Computer
wooden DIY Enclosure for PINE A64.64-Bit Single Board Super Computer

Wooden diy enclosure for pine a64.64-bit single board super computer


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This is a wooden DIY enclosure for Pine A64 64-Bit Single Board Super not included Made on birch plywood of 3 mm thickness. The package Includes: 6 pieces of birch plywood and 6 screws and nuts. wooden button battery holder. ( button battery CR2032 not included) Micro JST 2.0 PH 2-Pin Connector plug with Wires Cables Keep your Pine A64 computer safe and sound in this lovely birch wooden enclosure. We designed this case to be beautiful, easy to assemble and perfect for any use (but especially for those who want to tinker!) The case comes as 6 pieces that slide together and secure with 6 screws. You can use all of the connectors on the edges of the Pine: HDMI, Audio/Video, microSD slot, micro USB power, Ethernet and the 2 USB ports. There's also a cut out to allow a 40-pin IDC cable to the PI2 BUS and EULER BUS breakout pins on the Pine and pass it though the case. For more advanced hacking, the enclosure is designed so that you can lift or remove the top piece and plug any sort of cables you wish into the breakouts in the middle. The case is airy enough that no additional vents or cooling is required - we tested the enclosed PiNE a64 over a 24 hour period at full load with no significant increase in temperature.

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