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  • Genuine HP 300W 24 Pin 4 Pin +12V Power Supply 5188-2625 Delta DPS-300AB-19 A
Genuine HP 300W 24 Pin 4 Pin +12V Power Supply 5188-2625 Delta DPS-300AB-19 A

Genuine hp 300w 24 pin 4 pin +12v power supply 5188-2625 delta dps-300ab-19 a



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Rs. 15,925.00 (inclusive of Taxes)


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Arrives in 7-21 days ( 5-Dec-20 To 19-Dec-20 )
  • Buy with Confidence: 30 days return, 100% refund guarantee policy
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  • Country of Origin USA
  • Imported, Marketed by: Kiron Marketing, A104, Trillium, Magarpatta City, Pune-411013

Compatible Part Numbers: 5188-2625, 5187-6114, 5188-0131, 5187-6116, 5188-0129, 5187-6712, 5188-0130,410507-002, DPS-300AB, DLT300AB19ACompatible Systems:HP Media Center Models: m7434n, m7457c, m7463w, m7470n, m7480n, m7531kr,m7540la, m7550kr, m7550la, m7551kr, m7580kr, m7590kr, m7590n, m7591kr, m7630la,m7640la, m7640n, m7650la, m7650n, m7657c, m7667c, m7674n, m7680n, m7684n.HP Pavilion Models: a1654n, a1217n, a1253w, a1267c, a1268c, a1300la, a1310y CTO, a1330e CTO, a1350yCTO, a1400y CTO, a1410n, a1410y, a1412n, a1419h, a1420n, a1423w, a1428x, a1430n,a1440n, a1445n, a1450n, a1467c, a1473w, a1477c, a1483w, a1487c, a1500kr,a1500la, a1501kr, a1510n, a1511kr, a1512x, a1514n, a1517x, a1519h, a1520kr,a1520n, a1520y CTO, a1523w, a1524n, a1528x, a1530e CTO, a1530n, a1532n, a1534x,a1540n, a1542n, a1547c, a1550e CTO, a1550kr, a1550y CTO, a1551kr, a1555kr,a1560kr, a1560n, a1570kr, a1571kr, a1580kr, a1587c, a1600la, a1600n, a1610n,a1612n, a1613w, a1619h, a1620e CTO, a1620n, a1620y, a1623w, a1624n, a1626n,a1630n, a1637c, a1640n, a1644x, a1647c, a1648x, a1650e CTO, a1650y, a1657c,a1677c, m7340la, m7350la, w5320la, w5330la, w5340la, w5410la, w5410la, w5510la,w5520la, w5530kr, w5530la, w5610la, w5630la, w5630la.SpecificationsManufacturer: DeltaModel: DPS-300AB-19 AP/N: 5188-2625Cables/Connectors1x 24_pin ATX Connector1x 4_pin CPU Power Cable5x 4_pin Molex IDE Connector2x SATA Connector1x FDD Connector

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