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  • Nexus LED D12SL-12WL 120mm White LED Case Fan
Nexus LED D12SL-12WL 120mm White LED Case Fan

Nexus led d12sl-12wl 120mm white led case fan



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120mm White LED Case Fan The Nexus 120mm Real Silent White LED Case Fan is the ultimate solution to bring some extra airflow in your quiet computer. Don't you just hate it when you have build a nice and quiet computer and it turns out that your high-end components are producing so much heat the temperatures in your computer case are getting too high? The Nexus Real Silent case fan is the solution for you. It provides the extra airflow your PC may require without adding noticeable noise. The Nexus 120mm Real Silent White LED Case Fan has been the reference standard for many silent enthusiast websites, and now this great fan is available with LED! White LED Case Fan Speed The Nexus Real Silent 120mm Case fan has a fan speed of 1000 RPM (±10%). The fan speed is fixed at 1000 RPM at 12V. Silent LED Fan Airflow The airflow of the fan is 36.87 CFM (62.61m3/hour). Note that for good and efficient cooling the static pressure is also an important value. Be assured that the Nexus fan has very high static pressure so work very effectively. 120mm Nexus LED Fan Noise The Nexus 120mm Real Silent case fan produces only 18 dB(A)* measured in a chamber with 15 dB(A) background noise. We have compared this case fan with the quietest case fans available and we simply cannot find another one this quiet! Noise Testing When we test the noise level of our case fans we do this in an anechoic test chamber under free air condition. The chamber used for testing this fan background noise is 15dB(A). Reading is done using a Spectrun Analyzer. Nexus provides the exact details of our noise level test as we feel dB(A) values are difficult values to compare as there are many ways of testing and calculating. In the market there are a lot of unrealistic dB(A) value-claims which are often calculated by means of extrapolation. This in fact does not give a realist view of the fans noise level performance.

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