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  • ClueFinders Search & Solve
ClueFinders Search & Solve

Cluefinders search & solve


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  • Country of Origin USA
  • Imported, Marketed by: Kiron Marketing, A104, Trillium, Magarpatta City, Pune-411013 There's something suspicious in the dark night sky: flashing lights from an old, abandoned amusement park. Thrills, chills, and problem-solving skills await you in this haunted amusement park adventure. Join the ClueFinders as they venture into a haunted carnival on a mystery-solving quest. You'll need all the nerve, wits, and problem-solving smarts you can muster to crack this creepy case.Keep the learning excitement alive after the computer's turned off with thereal-world adventure kit, included in the program. You can create cool maps to guide your friends on treasure hunts, and use the logbook and calendar to plan activities, keep on schedule, and record your daily thoughts and achievements. You can also create, encode, and print top-secret messages with the encoder/decoder, and make good dollars-and-cents sense with the money tracker. The sound transformer lets you change the sound of your voice, your dog's bark, or any sound you can record. The club kit has everything you need to help you start your own club, host activities, solve mysteries, and dream up new adventures. (Ages 9 and up)

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