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Ways to baby proof your apartmen

30,12,2016 | by Harshil Gangani | (0) Commnets

All babies and toddlers have a (sometimes unhealthy) curiosity for simply everything. They crawl and climb and poke their hands everywhere, giving their parents much to worry about. Here are a few ways to baby proof your apartment and gift yourself some peace of mind.

1.Use baby monitors: There are so many gadgets in the market nowadays which specialize in baby safety. Installing baby cams in every room is a good idea as the baby will start crawling and exploring the house. Installing baby monitors near the crib is a good idea too. Hire a babysitter every time you leave the house and keep a pager with you always in case the sitter cannot contact you via mobile.

2.Keep breakables out of reach: We love decorating our houses with showpieces made of glass or clay, but they can prove hazardous. When they first start walking, babies take the support of table edges and may knock over a showpiece and hurt themselves. To avoid this, collect all such articles and lock them in a cupboard till they grow up.

3.Keep poisonous substances out of reach: It is imperative that all poisonous substances be removed from the child’s reach. All liquids such as perfumes, bleach, floor cleaners, toilet cleaners etc must be locked up. Objects such as lipsticks or mascara which may pique the baby’s interest should be kept out of reach.

4.Sharp edges: edges of tables, cabinets, and cupboards should be lined with bumpers to prevent babies from hurting themselves.

5.Staircases: Make sure that the babies don’t climb staircases unattended. They may lose balance and hurt themselves.

6.Tape all sockets: Put electrical tape over all electrical sockets. This will prevent babies from poking their fingers into the socket. Also put all electrical devices like chargers and chords out of the babies reach as they my put them in their mouths.

7.Small pieces: Collect all small pieces the baby may swallow. Bend on all fours and see what all the baby may reach from that height. All small toys such as Lego and marbles must be removed.

8.Water safety: A lot of infants die because of drowning. It is said that they can drown in just a few inches of water. Thus, water safety must be taken very seriously. Never leave a baby unattended in a bath. Make sure you drain the tub once bath time is over. Place locks on the toilet covers so the baby can’t accidentally lift it. Babies are prone to falling head first into the toilet bowl and getting stuck.

9.Lock all cupboards and book cases: All shelves make good ladders for babies. Lock all cupboards, cabinets and book case

10.Curtains: A lot of babies die of strangulation. They get tangled in curtain cords and strangle themselves. Cut all curtain cords and keep telephones out of their reach. Toys such as skipping ropes should be removed from their reach.

11.Keep a first aid box: In case of an emergency, a first aid box should be kept in handy. Make sure it is well stocked with bandages and antiseptic. Also, inform the baby sitter about the location of this box.

12.Fire alarms: Install smoke detectors in every room of the house. Make sure to change the batteries on a regular basis. Don’t leave any fire unattended in the house and make sure the baby stays out of the kitchen while any cooking takes place.

13.Emergency numbers: stick all emergency numbers on the fridgein case of any emergency.

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