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10 benefits of using sunscreen

26,12,2016 | by Harshil Gangani | (0) Commnets

Sunscreen has quickly become an integral part of skin care since its’ debut in 1936. It is now used by almost everyone, regardless of their age, occupation or affinity to fashion. There is a wide variety of sunscreens suited to different kinds of skin. Many sunscreen lotions have been integrated with other cosmetic products such as foundation and moisturizer. Let us look at some of their benefits:

1.Protection from UV rays: In the past years, an expanding hole has been observed in the ozone layer, leading to devastating consequences including skin diseases such as melanoma (skin cancer). These diseases are caused by overexposure to UV rays and sunburns during childhood. A simple cautionary method is to apply a good dollop of sunscreen when you step outdoors. Keep in mind that full sleeved clothes pose no barrier to UV rays and so be sure to apply a layer of sunblock even while wearing full sleeves.

2.Prevents sunburns: Sometimes skin can become reddish and hot to touch when exposed for too long to the sun. If the burn is severe, skin starts to swell and you may also feel feverish. This also leads to increase in the amount of melanin present in the skin. Fever and headache are also signs of sunburn. To avoid all this, it is important to apply sunscreen every time you step outside.

3.Helps in moisturization: Nowadays a lot of sunscreen lotions have moisturizing properties. This is convenient for people who are in a hurry in the mornings.

4.Helps hide red veins: When skin starts to thin with age, veins begin to show up prominently, thus marring ones’ appearance. Sunscreen helps in hiding them. Sometimes, blood vessels in the face break, causing the skin to take on a reddish hue which is unattractive.

5.Helps in reducing freckles: Freckles are tiny brown that appear on the face due to overexposure to the sun. While some consider freckles to be charming, majority of the population would do anything for clear skin. Well, a simple way is to wear sunscreen before stepping out. As they say, precaution is better than cure.

6.Helps prevent Acne: Acne is caused due to inflammation of the skin and can be prevented to some extent by wearing sunscreen. The reason being that the radiation present in sunlight leads to inflammation of the skin, leading to a breakout.

7.Helps reduce uneven skin tone: Melanocytes are skin cells which protect us from sunlight. They also produce melanin which causes our skin to tan. Sometimes, the sunlight causes the melanocytes to increase unevenly. This leads to the skin appearing patchy. Sunscreen reduces the amount of melanin produced, thus preventing uneven skin tone.

8.Reduces blotchiness: Skin becomes blotchy when it isn’t exfoliated properly. It leads to red marks on the face, making it seem like you have a perpetual cold. One way of making your skin look healthy is applying sunscreen as it evens out your skin tone.

9.It helps avoid premature ageing: Sunscreen is now known to fight premature ageing. It prevents symptoms such as coarse skin and wrinkles. To avoid these signs of ageing, pick ‘broad spectrum’ sunscreen. This type of lotion provides protection against UVA as well as UVB radiation as opposed to a sunscreen with just an SPF, (those fight only UVB radiation).

10.Tanning: Everyone wants naturally sun kissed skin, but they fail to recognize the dangers of exposing themselves to sunlight for so long. Skin may start flaking out causing lots of discomfort. Apply sunblock before exposing your skin to the sun. This will prevent your skin from burning andwill assure you a healthy tan. Nowadays, there are water proof lotions available which may be useful in case you’re visiting the beach.

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